I’m a writer and editor with a strong background in technology and government. I’ve worked with words for tech companies, the UK Cabinet Office, major publishing labels, and small whizzy startups. Over my career, I have: 

  • - developed and led writing and public speaking courses
  • - launched online titles
  • - strategised and managed campaigns
  • - helped people find simple ways to communicate big complex things
  • - made tech documentation clear and accessible
  • - commissioned writers and subject matter experts
  • - ghostwritten blogs, speeches, presentations and other copy for senior Cabinet Office colleagues
  • - provided words for everything from stickers to Olympic receptions.

My experience is diverse, but my passion for helping people to publish the perfect content for their audience is consistent. If you think I could help you, please do get in touch.

Creative writing

At GDS, I ghostwrote and edited diverse creative assets to support and communicate its work, including blogs, presentations, speeches, policy documents, posters, and social media messaging. I worked in interdisciplinary teams with filmmakers, graphic and content designers.
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I am an experienced journalist, with particular expertise in digital and the tech sector. My experience includes video, live broadcast, event coverage and specialist news reportage.
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Launching and managing sites

As the founding editor of Voxxed.com, I set the tone of voice and content strategy for the site and recruited and managed a pool of writers. I ran the Voxxed social media channels, and wrote and edited articles.
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General content

As the lead creative writer on the Government Transformation Strategy, I worked closely with stakeholders, subject matter experts and content designers to deliver this vital piece of work.
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Technical writing

I can write about complex technical subjects in an engaging and accessible way, for specialists and wider audiences. I've written, edited and translated guidance, documentation, and technical blogs.
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Public speaking coaching

In addition to ghostwriting presentations and speeches, I have devised and led public speaking workshops, courses and coaching sessions in government and the private sector.
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Writing skills training

I have created and facilitated clear writing workshops for government and the private sector. I help people find simple ways to express complicated ideas, with a focus on user-led content and accessibility.
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